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About Us

We build great digital tools. But more importantly we want to help you plan how to take your business, project or organisation to the next level.

Our Philosophy

We've been making websites since 1997. A time before Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, when this lot were the cutting edge of music.

Back then, merely having a website was enough to get you noticed.

Now things are very different.

People often ask: "If everyone has a website how can I stand out?".

You can stand out by using digital tools to build an engaged community around your projects, businesses or ideas.

How we can help

Building on 15 years' experience, we aim to use everything we've learned to help your project thrive in the digital world. We won't just build you a website; we want to put in your hands the tools to make exciting things happen.

We've worked with universities, charities, individuals and businesses of all sizes. They are all very different, they all have one thing in common - the desire to share their ideas and activities with a wider audience:

  • Firstly, we take the time to get to know your business or project.
  • We do our upmost to understand your objectives.
  • Only then do we plan and build a toolkit to achieve your goals from our wide array of digital services

Our Technology

The only technology we use at PaperOnion is that which we feel will best help you achieve your goals, build community and succeed online.

That said, we've built up a great deal of experience matching up clients to technologies that are easy to keep up to date, easy to manage and easy to maintain.